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The bunker they now found themselves in was well-stocked, or had been, was sectioned off into living quarters and other areas whose uses were fairly obvious. There was a kitchen, a meeting room, a common room, and locker rooms for men and women, so it was obvious that this place had been meant for another purpose aside from a temporary safe shelter. His memory was still coming back but it wasn’t perfect just yet. Images of men and women screaming, running every which way, and a blast of sudden heat followed by a heavy, concussive force was about all he he could bring to mind.


He was aware and ready to act in the next moment, but he held his position where he’d set up, the sharpened objects he’d tucked in his belt ready to be utilized if he had to. Looking up from the counter of the kitchen where he’d been currently working on arming himself he saw the individual that had pointed her gun at him upon his approach, the weapon held with its barrel pointing up at this time.

“Have you come to talk or shoot?”

She looked at her gun, then him, then simply shrugged. “Are you going to hurt me?”

He simply shrugged in return.

(to be continued)

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