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Funny how we can say some things without offending anyone, but when we say certain trigger words people lose their ever-loving minds. But then those same people say those words and……crickets, seriously. The double standard about what we can say nowadays is kind of ridiculous but quite honestly it’s amusing as well.

You’ve got to wonder just how much of a life those that get offended really have since it would seem that they spend a good deal of their time trying to figure out what words and phrases are taboo and therefore not allowed to be used by certain individuals. I could go ahead and be really offensive and say that white people are usually the targets, but hey, we use the words we want and the one that we figure are hopefully going to be inoffensive most of the time.

It is a good laugh to see which words trigger people at certain times, especially since it usually depends on who’s saying them, not so much the words themselves.

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