I couldn’t help it, I had to go back to the well for this and might even think of making it a series since there are so many individuals out there that seem to think that various fighting styles that are seen as mystical and promoted by Hollywood are worth the effort to try and even learn. Am I saying that they’re not impressive on film? Absolutely not. Am I saying and agreeing with the narrator that you’d get your ass kicked if you tried them against an experienced fighter?

Yeah, yeah I am.

I might not be an experienced fighter but as a person that’s seen a few conflicts in my time there are a lot of ways that a fight can turn out, and as it usually happens both parties are going to lose in some way. Plus, the idea of facing off as they do in the movies and coming out on top without a scratch on you is about as realistic as being able to float to the ground as you see in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Scoff all you want and believe the folks that might teach such techniques as Empty Force or how to fight the energy projection, but chances are when you meet someone that knows how to throw a punch or actually throw a kick you can’t defend or move away from, these styles and several others aren’t going to help you as much.

And as far as Wing Chun goes, some folks have simply been watching Ip Man a little too often.


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