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There is a way that things work in this world, and it’s continued by those that have something called a work ethic, that strange quirk that is swiftly becoming outdated it would seem. There are those of us from every generation that have learned the responsibility, the privilege, and the effort that it takes to earn what we get, to reach for the goals that we want, and to support the society that we have been born into.

It’s been kind of amusing to see over the years how some, again from every generation, have come to believe that a work ethic is for those that want to bust their butts for peanuts while those that are truly intelligent do minimal work and gain the maximum benefits. If that were the case then most of us would likely sit on the couch and do nothing and reap the benefits of those that bend their backs to the labor of keeping the country, and the world, running the way it does. So yes, I will get to why working is important now.

Imagine a world where no one works, no one wants to take the time to get things done, and basically nothing gets done as a result. Work is important, it’s not always fun, it’s not always our passion, but it’s important all the same since it’s what helps the world as we know it continue. Those that seem to feel that they’re not meant to work are typically those that have either been given everything or somehow feel entitled to the benefits that others provide but not the sweat and toil that it takes to earn them.

Anyone ever think that it’s easy to ignore them? Me too, save for the fact that there are still those among us that will seek to save these folks if only because they have a heart that is so much bigger than the rest of us. Common sense states that if you won’t work then you won’t survive. It makes a great deal of sense, but in our world that’s not the ideal. It seems more likely to read something like ‘if you won’t work, then we’ll take care of you because it’s not your fault’. Yes, feel free to roll your eyes.

Like it or not, work is important, and in many ways, unbeknownst to those that don’t or won’t see it, work is in a big way liberating since it allows us to know that we’re doing something to make a difference.

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