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The next person he’d found in a bathroom hadn’t even said anything or allowed him to approach, they’d simply started firing. He’d only needed one warning shot, but three more had rang out as he’d backed quickly away. The next had at least talked to him, saying to go away, while the last had only eyed him coldly, keeping her hand on the pistol he’d seen at her side as she stood in front of her own hoard.

Apparently he’d come to just a little too late. The food was scarce, the weapons even more so, and his memories were coming agonizingly slow. Thankfully looking at what he’d seen left had kicked something in the back of his mind into overdrive, and he’d started gathering up what he’d found from here and there as he could, staying away from the areas he’d seen held by the people that had the guns. How they’d partitioned themselves off was kind of hard to figure, but at the same time it was obvious that they had no interest in working together.

That was okay he supposed, they’d entered a new and very frightening existence that they didn’t understand, and there was no way to know just what lay outside this bunker that they now found themselves in. The only thing that bothered him now was that after searching the bunker from top to bottom was that there were three doors that he’d found that he couldn’t open at this moment.

He had an idea about those rooms though.

(to be continued)


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