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There is such thing as the ‘nothing’ box. It exists, in a metaphorical way and in a very easy to explain physical sense. No, there isn’t an empty space in a person’s head, much as some people might want to think otherwise about some folks, but there is a very real ideology that men and even some women seem to agree with that explains the idea of the ‘nothing box’.

So what is it really?

Well, that’s not hard to explain, it’s nothing.

That’s it, no other explanation, it’s a box within the mind that has absolutely nothing in it, no thought, no desire, no wants or need, just a whole lot of nothing. It’s the kind of place our minds can go to and just float about in a kind of limbo that doesn’t demand or even suggest anything, there’s just nothing.

It’s been said that women can’t understand this, but there are actually those that envy it because their mind just doesn’t seem to shut off at times. There are men that can’t fathom this idea either since they don’t like the idea or they simply cannot get behind the notion of doing absolutely NOTHING.

But really, there are times when it’s a nice escape from the EVERYTHING that life demands and the SOMETHING that is always going on. Sometimes you just need to walk willingly into your NOTHING box and just settle down for a bit.

Oh, I surely do miss mine at times….

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