So this might seem mean, it might seem like picking on certain people, but honestly and for all that’s good and holy, some people really shouldn’t reproduce if this is how they live their lives. You’re right if you say that we’ve all done stupid things in our lives, no matter how grandiose or how innocuous, but the moments in this video are just a few examples of how stupidity has truly bred throughout the world and, in the US, is simply too overwhelming to be fully understood or comprehended.

For starters, hitting a pressurized canister with a hammer is not the act of a smart, intelligent person. What in the world did the guy think was going to happen? As if that wasn’t bad enough, sliding down a staircase on a flaming sled makes it even worse as you look at it and ask “why?”. And yes, it just keeps getting worse and worse as karma has its hands full with the amount of idiocy that goes on in this world.

It might not seem like a great idea to suggest that people not reproduce, especially in this common era, but quite honestly, there are those that commit acts at times that really make such a sentiment seem more like a common wish than a mean-spirited jest.

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