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Do you know what happens when someone cries wolf, over and over and over? Most of us should since this type of narrative has played out throughout our entire history. In a world where there are actual victims of rape, victims of violence, and various victims that are in need of help, understanding, and comprehension when it comes to their plight, we now have those that want in on the victimhood and will gladly stand up to feel the oppression despite having been born to good and nurturing homes that are now confused and wondering where they went wrong in teaching these individuals about responsibility.

It’s entirely self-defeating when an individual decides to claim something that has never happened. Those in this country are no longer oppressed. The level of victimization is something that many upon many of those that exist now have never known in the same light as those they cite over and over. Those that are alive in this era have never known the oppression that their ancestors fought for, they have never known the pain and anguish that those people went through in their day. In fact it is an insult when so many stand up in their discordant voices to claim a ‘culture’ that does not exist.

Does anyone have any idea what might happen if someone did in fact claim pride in rape? If there was a culture that glorified rape in this country, openly mind you, that culture would be immediately ostracized and it’s very possible that such a culture would be systematically dismantled in short order.

Those that claim oppression and victimization but have never experienced such in their lives harm only those that have in fact gone through the difficult and traumatic experiences that they have tried to put behind them. They demean the experience of those that have been truly oppressed and victimized. They are those upon whom the word ‘ shame’ should be applied most vehemently. Boom, I said it.


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