Martial arts, regardless of the discipline, are quite difficult to master and in many ways are based entirely on discipline and the need to focus your mind and body upon a certain goal. That’s a very simplistic explanation of course as there’s much more to it, but some people tend to think it just looks cool when you can break a brick with your bare hands and intimidate someone with your amazing martial ability. But this is where things tend to go off the rails it would seem.

There’s not a lot of reason to mock those that undergo this kind of training, especially when it’s seen that they’re able to really do what they claim they can and are just as skilled as they say. But that’s the rub, right?

This video shows at least some modicum of skill, but at the same time it shows a great deal of foolishness that is, quite simply, laughable.

Hitting and kicking solid objects without the necessary skill or focus to break them is going to end badly for many people. Empty force is not as real as you might want to think. Slap-fighting is a good way to get your butt kicked in short order, and trying to kick things off of people’s heads is something that’s best left to, well, no one. Seriously, the idea that any of these kind of showy behaviors would work when it comes to martial arts is pretty funny.

Those that are truly this skilled either don’t talk about it or they go into show business. Those that need to prove something get turned into memes and minor features on blooper reels.

You’ve got to admit though, it’s pretty funny.


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