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Tell me again how women in the USA are oppressed, I need a good laugh today. Quite honestly feminism is not evil, it’s not a bad thing, the equality for women is a great and very badly needed thing in this world. It’s not perfect just as anything else isn’t perfect, but those feminists that are actively pushing past the line of equality that so many women and even men have fought for is kind of an insult to those that fought so hard in the past to gain this level of equality.

How in the world are women oppressed? The definition of oppression, the literal definition, not the reworked definition that is more appealing to some individuals, has more to do with keeping people down and not allowing anyone to have their say or their way. Women have every right in this country as men do, trying to debate this is one reason why some people are calling feminism cancer and are railing against it. Women have equal rights, like it or not, and yet if they want true equality they have to take every bit that comes with it, not just the parts they like.

You’re not oppressed at this point, you have the rights that women fought for so long ago, and yet you want more. That’s not equality you want, it’s favoritism, and shouting anyone down that tries to discuss this with you or offer another viewpoint is fascism. Boom.

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