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Rape does happen, there’s no denying that to be honest and it’s horrible that it’s been a part of the world that we’ve been living in for so long. But saying that it’s a culture is something that seems beyond the norm and is a creation of a society that is swift to call anything and everything that isn’t liked rape.

So yes, cat-calling, as unacceptable as it is, now seems to qualify as rape. According to various videos simply touching a woman is rape, talking in a heated voice is rape, anything that a woman doesn’t want to deal with is rape. Anything that somehow traumatizes a woman is rape.

How did we come to this?

It could be blamed on feminism but honestly that would be too easy. It could be blamed on liberals but again that would be too easy. So who gets the blame? Does it matter?

Not really, because the problem has kind of outstripped the possible solutions that might have been implemented in the first place. At this point feminism being likened to anything but a raging dumpster fire is a tough idea to push since far too many hardcore feminists have decided to alienate a great deal of people that might have been willing allies if they had stopped before taking things so far.

Men aren’t the enemies of feminism, or at least we weren’t at one point. Rape is not a culture, as it isn’t an acceptable part of society. Boom.

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