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Having pride in your country is important at times, but something that we in the US have the freedom to show openly or not. But the freedoms we’re given have a serious downside as well as an upside that many people take advantage of constantly. Those that love this country tend to announce with great pride that this is their home for better or worse, and that while it’s not perfect we do happen to enjoy the fact that we have the freedoms given to us as individuals and as a country.

Of course this isn’t as universal as you might want to think. People might band together in times of great need or great tragedy, but even then it’s been seen that those living in the US and taking advantage of its many freedoms tend to spit on the flag while decrying just how unfair things are in this country. It’s funny, but those that claim to work against the fascism they see in this country will still gladly take the funds given for their education, the benefits that will be given if they need them, and of course the freedoms that they’re afforded as US citizens. But they certainly won’t look in the mirror and see that the only problem in this country is the person they see staring back at them.

The old statement of ‘if you don’t like then leave’ is one that remains as a bedrock statement, but of course it’s also an easy argument to walk away from since those that hear it will gladly smile and say that they’d rather fight fascism here. The only problem at that point is that they won’t turn the hatred back on themselves, as fascism usually doesn’t seek to recognize itself when it can pass the buck instead.

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