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Sometimes taking pot shots at various conspiracy theorists is just too easy, but it’s too much fun to really give up on since they just kind of put themselves out there for ridicule by some and disbelief by others. And then there are theorists like Flat Earthers that just make you shake your head and wonder ‘how much Kool-aid have you been drinking?’.

Not only do they believe that the earth is as flat as a pancake and accelerating upwards through space as the strange dark matter that keeps our world upwardly mobile and in motion maintains the same speed, but they also believe that the stars in the sky and the planets are just lights, pretty lights, that dance about the earth in a stunning display that is proof, to them, that our world is the center of the universe.

Yeah, roll your eyes, just try not to let them roll so hard they get stuck. This theory however listed above is kind of a fun way to debunk their whole explanation of how the sun and the moon work. First off, the reason we see different phases of the moon is that there’s a second, unseen moon that crosses in front of the moon we see. Apparently we can’t see this moon, which means it’s transparent, or invisible, or perhaps sky-colored, or maybe it’s able to change colors like a chameleon, so that we can’t see it until it makes its way in front of the moon.

……seriously, my eyes are just about crossing with this logic, but I’ll keep going.

The sun and moon are just lights that rotate in a continual circle over the earth, thereby lighting one portion of it and allowing the moon to hold sway during the night. But think about this, have you ever seen the sun in the nighttime, apart from those that live or have visited the northern regions? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Sorry Flat Earthers, but not really.

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