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It’s not just internet celebrities that seem to take the spotlight and run with it, as many upon many celebrities have found this kind of life appeals to them. That’s as it should be to be honest since those that work for the opportunity often sacrifice and give up a great deal to get where they’re at. But the moment that some of them are put upon a pedestal it becomes a very serious problem since quite honestly they can do no wrong in the eyes of so many.

It’s great to have a favorite actor, musician, or celebrity in any venue that one can look up to and see as a pillar of society. But they are still human, as has been seen throughout the years, and as humans they’re still expected to follow the same laws and endure the same consequences when they break those laws. Lately it would seem that more and more celebrities are finally starting to feel the pinch for any wrongdoings, though it would also seem that far too often celebrities are let off with a very stern warning and not much else other than community service for crimes that would see an average person put in jail.

Aren’t they bound by the law?

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