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Does anyone remember life before YouTube? It wasn’t all that long ago to be honest, as 2005 isn’t ancient history to those of us that remember what life was like before the internet really came to prominence. But at this point YouTube, despite the fact that there are fun and even informative videos all over the internet, YouTube has hosted some truly disturbing and in some cases mind-numbing videos that make a person say “huh?”.

The best part about is that with only a click you can easily navigate away from most of those videos that are so painstakingly stupid that it might make you weep for the human race. But when it comes to stumbling upon some of them it’s almost like stopping to look at a car crash, isn’t it? Quite honestly so many people make walking targets of themselves on YouTube that it begs the question of just how humanity is still thriving at this time. But again, all you have to do is click away and find something that’s inherently amusing and possibly more valuable to your intellect.

There is a great deal of content on YouTube that is actually quite funny, intelligent, and even worthwhile. Let’s not just judge the site on how inane and insane some of the videos can be, because honestly anyone with enough intelligence to post a video can get their few seconds of fame and hope to get seen by thousands if not millions of people. Honestly, the amount of cringe that’s packed into each and every second of some videos is enough to put your hair on end.

But again, YouTube is a lot of fun, if you know how to navigate through it and either avoid or weather the material that calls to you from the gutter.

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