So we need to kill all the men, got it.

Sigh, when feminism gets taken to a dark place it’s truly an ugly thing. If you watch this clip then you might feel outrage and you might even wonder if this is a goof or if she’s of her meds. But quite honestly the idea of killing all men is something that seems to deserve an eye roll since it would seem that despite her rather harsh views of men she actually amended the video and said that she only wanted to kill ‘the retarded men’.

Wow, it almost seems like we could have hoped that this would get better, but in all honesty it just got worse. Who exactly are the retarded men? Granted, there are some men in the world that deserve a good slap across the face a time or two since their views are something that’s absolutely repulsive and definitely not indicative of what it means to be a decent human being.

But kill all of them? Tolerance is something that a lot of self-proclaimed feminists and social justice warriors seem to lay claim to as a right and a unique trait that gives them some type of moral superiority. At this point, there aren’t a whole lot of us on either side that can claim this. Hell, I like staying in the middle most times and my hands are just as dirty from wanting to verbally bitch slap both sides.

This woman might deserve a double.


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