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It was a bunker, that was all he knew. He’d come to in a darkened, lavishly-appointed bunker that was still, as far as he was concerned, a concrete box in the ground no matter how extensive it was. What he’d learned upon waking though was anything but comforting.

There had been twenty of them in this space to start with, twenty souls, including himself, that had for some reason been ushered into this place for some reason or another, and then….

He couldn’t remember. In fact he couldn’t even remember being ushered down here. When he’d regained consciousness however he had quickly learned that out of the twenty people that had made it to this place, only five of them were still breathing.

The main problem was that the other four survivors weren’t in the mood to work together, and had done what they could to hoard any and all supplies they’d found and squirreled away in different parts of the bunker.

If this was the end, it was the strangest end he’d never heard of.

(to be continued)

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