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So many people want to claim that they need a ‘living wage’ to survive and feed their families. They’re right in the sense that the wages need to be able to help people survive. But a good number of the stories that have been used to create this disparity in our society seem to negate the fact that some folks that make these impassioned pleas are those that are quite well-off, meaning they can feed their families, they can pay for their expensive homes, and they can take care of themselves. What they can’t always do is live the high life they want. Feel like crying a tear yet?

Then there’s the fact that a lot of them are teenagers that want extra spending money. Anyone remember what it was like to be a teen and want some extra money in your pocket? Do you remember what we did? We either made it and saved it until we found something worth spending it on, or we worked harder and longer to get more. We didn’t piss and moan about not being paid enough.

The minimum wage isn’t enough? Get educated, learn new skills, become more valuable. You want people to respect you more? Learn how to be the best at your job and take on new responsibilities. If you work as a server for ten years and don’t bother to increase your skills or knowledge base then you don’t get to bitch about your low pay.

You are in control of the wages you make, no matter how much of a victim of low wages you want to pretend you are.

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