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Neutral Zone, OR

The words she was speaking, that the stranger was speaking, that she was thinking, were being shown on the screen. How could that have been though?

“How?” she asked in a breathless voice, watching as her question appeared on the screen.

“It’s a long explanation,” the man in the chair said, “But I’d bet that you don’t have time to hear it. You’re running from the Thorns that are currently on the island, yeah?”

She frowned as her gaze shifted to him, “How did you know?”

He shrugged, “That’s my thing, I come and go and I know things. But if you want to make it to the bridge I’d suggest you get moving. They’re going to start beating down doors eventually.”

“Who are you?”

The man looked at her, his eyes coming fully visible as she recoiled from the dark, inky black orbs that now stared at her.

“This is what you want to talk about right now? You have three others and yourself to keep alive and you want to know who I am?”

Looking between the man and the screen she couldn’t seem to form an answer in that moment. But as she tried to work her jaw around the words a sound in the distance could be heard, and her blood turned to ice in that instant.

(to be continued)

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