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Believe it or not, white folks do have culture. Like it or not, we’ve been in America for a long, long time. Accept it or not, but no one in America today is a slave, or a slave-owner. Deal with it or don’t, we aren’t those people any more than any of those that were wronged in the past are alive today.

Oh I know, same old argument on a different day, right? You’re right, it is, and it’s one that individuals who speak out against white people that have done nothing to them seem to enjoy on a regular basis. In a way it’s like poking a bear with a stick. There might be a preference by the bear to just ignore you and walk off to do its own thing, but the more you poke, the more you piss the bear off. What do you think happens if you keep on poking?

Well, the chances are pretty good that you’re going to get your ass mauled. Now let’s be clear, violence against other people no matter the race or color is not acceptable. But prodding people of just one race is not a good idea since there’s a good chance that you’ll find someone that will take it too far.

I’m a white, heterosexual male and I gladly stand up and say that this is the way I was born, and the way I live. Freedom for everyone of every race and color is important, but dividing the people simply by citing what happened in the past and trying to apply it to the modern era is, well, less than intelligent.

People are free, people are able to do what they want, people are allowed to believe what they want, which means that you can believe we’re all white devils and that’s fine. But the moment we want to clap back and tell you what you can do with your opinion keep in mind, this is NOW, it’s not back then. You want equality? Take everything that comes with it then.

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