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I fully expect to piss people off with this one and if any comments did come through it’d be kind of easy to stick to my guns, no matter that those that believe in the fantasy of other genders would likely want to skin me alive with rusty potato peelers. Guess what though, just like them, my mind isn’t changing since I tend to believe in the empirical truth of science and tend to think that fantasy belongs in the books and movies, and to some extent in our lives so long as it doesn’t fly in the face of biological fact.

Yes, if I saw an honest to goodness dragon flying through the sky, or an elf come up to me and say “I’m real” then I would gladly believe. But an individual that has an Adam’s apple and is calling themselves gender fluid after getting a boob job and trying to tuck their package between their legs (cringe, because that crap hurts just thinking about it), I will be calling them by their name, if they decide to give it, or by ‘him’ or ‘her’. Sorry to the deluded bunch, but not sorry, I won’t refer to you as ‘they’ or ‘them’. You’re not a group of people or a royal, you’re an individual that will look like one gender or the other.

Oh yes I did, I admitted that there are TWO genders. It’s not a social construct, it’s not a myth, and it’s not a conspiracy, it’s a scientific fact. Granted, every person does deserve to be treated like a person, there’s no denying that. I will gladly treat people like human beings. But what I won’t do, and I understand it makes me seem like a privileged white male that doesn’t understand how the world works, is buy into the fantasy that gender is able to flit and float about while people believe that they’re a woman in one second and a man in the next.

Yeah, doesn’t work like that, sorry.

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