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Sigh, yes, there is such a belief as ‘thin privilege’. Don’t ask me how it started or why, because honestly this was like a slap in the face. I’m not a thin or insanely fit person, I am considered overweight, but honestly I don’t look at a thin person and think “Oh you’re just so privileged.” Nope, I look at myself and think that it’s time to finally hit the gym and burn that excess weight off.

But honestly it would seem that more and more people that are either classified as ‘jolly’, ‘big’, ‘obese’, or let’s just say it, FAT, are willing to blame their own problems on those that either don’t know who they are, don’t care why they’re fat, and certainly have no stake in their continued weight gain. But hey, they’re ‘privileged’ because they take the time to eat right, to work out and stay fit, to take care of themselves.

But hey, you feel comfortable with that Big Mac in your mouth as you spit bits of bun and hamburger telling thin and fit people how they’re oppressing you.

You know why big people are being charged more for airline seats? Because they take up more than one seat. Why would anyone pay more for one seat when they don’t need it? That’s not discrimination, it’s good business sense that is necessary because of your lack of common sense when it comes to your diet.

You know why big people are being somehow glorified on TV with so many different shows? Because believe it or not, others are trying to help them to live healthy, to find a different way to enjoy food and still live a healthier life.

You know why it’s impossible to live healthy at any size? It’s amazing that this even needs to be said, but extra weight actually harms your body no matter that you think you’re able to move the way you want. Extra weight will press harder on your lungs, will wear down your joints when, IF, you walk, and will generally demand that your body work even harder to perform essential functions.

THIN PEOPLE ARE NOT OPPRESSING YOU. The way you’re living is oppressing you, so blame the person in the mirror.

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