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Does anyone else notice this? Thankfully there are enough places you can go and say pretty much anything without people getting offended right away. This would mean that humanity hasn’t really lost its way entirely yet. But huh boy, walk into the wrong meeting, the wrong location, and the wrong area and you’re bound to be skinned alive, metaphorically-speaking, by those that have an issue with anything you might say.

Last time I checked we still live in a free world that allows us to say what we want to say, do what we want to do, within reason, and believe what we want. Honestly a person could believe that they’re an attack helicopter that identifies as a boy-girl and wants to build a wall with a ladder at the far end, and it would offend a host of people on either side of the spectrum.

It’s all offensive at this point depending on who you ask. Life has now become a Catch-22.


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