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Southern Ocean

It had taken nearly a day for him to find all the materials he’d decided would best serve him, though he’d had to be as low-key as possible in order to find and borrow the materials that the crew had provided. Thankfully they didn’t care one way or another about Flat Earth or they’re message, though many had stated that they would love to come and see the faces of the society members when he explained what he was doing. Reggie had been too happy to invite those that were interested, and had profusely thanked those that had helped him keep this little project a secret.

All the while he’d studiously avoided contact with the Flat Earthers, who had been all too happy to keep a distance from him throughout the past day. Even Anna, who seemed to find a way to seek him out every possible moment she could, had been content to stay away as she’d been on deck and back in the ‘war room’ as they’d dubbed it to check data, gather information, and of course make updates to her blog like everyone else and post what she thought was relevant information.

In short, they’d left him alone since his views were less than important to any of them. What he had planned however was bound to be something they couldn’t ignore. It might be deemed illegal, it might even get him locked up upon returning to the states. But if his message got through and the visuals he was able to download and show them were able to be accessed then it might just do the job that his words couldn’t.

They were set to leave in another day, so it would have to be tonight. He couldn’t wait to see, and hear, the outrage that would come as a result. In fact, to be quite honest he was counting on it.

(to be concluded)

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