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Thinking that companies are actually getting into the habit of setting aside paid days off for people to go and protest is honestly kind of an eye-rolling moment. Protesting is honestly a right of the people and isn’t to be suppressed, but being able to get paid while you go walking down a street with a sign in hand and in some cases causing a bit of trouble seems like a very poor way for a person to behave that’s being employed by anyone.

Really, can you be proud of this is you’re an employer. Okay, they’re standing up for something, they’re announcing that they believe in something, but at the same time, they’re asking for time off from work to go and do anything but what they’re getting paid for. How in the world is that allowed? What happened to the days when we actually had to go to work to get paid? Time off is usually something that’s set up for people to take time off when they have sick leave or as PTO time that is earned as an incentive to keep WORKING. If they take their PTO time a person can do anything they want with it, they can even do anything they want with their sick time, though being seen on TV by your employer when you call in sick is a great way to get fired.

But asking for special time to go and protest is about as inept as asking for time off to grieve the death of a pet. That might seem insensitive, but grieving for a pet, despite being hard to do and capable of sidelining the ultra-sensitive among us, is still not a reason to shut down completely. Getting back to the main point though, protesting is not a job, it is not a reason to take time off work, and quite honestly it’s something that people need to do on their own time.

Paid days off for protesting? Nope, I would gladly show people the door if I was a boss.

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