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Isn’t it kind of amusing how anti-fascists seem to do the very thing that they they’re trying to prevent?

They don’t want fascists to speak their ‘hateful’ rhetoric, yet they’ll do their absolute best to make sure that any and every idea they don’t agree with is shut down and denied, basically denying free speech that, (gasp) is a part our country’s list of amendments.

Are you confused yet?

Think about it, they deny the free speech of other because THEY DON’T AGREE WITH IT. They don’t like what people are saying and thereby they DENY their freedom to speak. They have the freedom to speak as well, people don’t have to listen any more than they do. This seems to be where the disconnect comes in, when people forget to realize that they have the RIGHT to say what they want to say, but they don’t have the right to avoid the consequences that come with it.

The moment you use your freedom of speech to stomp on the rights of another person to speak the hatred and the divisive comments you call ‘justice’ is the moment that you’ve become what you’ve hated. It’s the moment that you’ve embraced the monstrosity that you railed against.

Anti-fascists, fascists, really aren’t much different when you look at it. It’s a matter of perspective, and most seem to lose sight of that the moment they open their mouths.

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