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Feminism has been necessary in the past, without a doubt. Women do need to be seen as equal and given a chance to be equal to men in nearly every way possible. In terms of biology it’s not going to happen, there are some things that men and women do according to their biology that are going to make 100% equality impossible. But in terms of being seen as human beings and being allowed to reap the benefits of equality this is something that has needed to happen for a long time.

Unfortunately as much as feminism is meant to foster equality between women and men, the needle has swung far from equality when it comes to the idea of equality. It is necessary for women to be seen as equal human beings, but blaming a mythical patriarchy that supposedly oppresses women and bashing men that are in many cases in full agreement that equality is needed is a bit counterproductive. Feminism isn’t inherently evil, not at all, it’s about equality and the ability for men and women to work together and learn how to value one another another in a way that should create harmony.

Unfortunately the drama that’s been produced by those that continue to see inequality in every last aspect of life is what keeps feminism moving down a very negative road. The road to equality has been walked, the results that it desired have happened, and the roads that we walk are continuing to lay the groundwork for future generations.

But crying and moaning over ‘freedoms’ that women still don’t have at this point is asking for something that is beyond equal. Women want to be equal, and they should be, and in many cases they are. But if you want anything else, if you want more than equality in the name of feminism, then it has the potential to become dangerously skewed. That’s not equality.

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