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Southern Ocean

They were all at the prow of the tanker at this moment, the moment of truth that they’d been waiting for, the moment that Reggie hoped would prove that they were being absolutely foolish. Of course it wouldn’t be that simple but few things ever were.

Anna and Max were nearby, as were a few others that didn’t like him but had thankfully been tolerant enough to allow him along. The whole idea of educating ‘the enemy’ of their society was something that all of them were looking forward to, and Anna’s smirk as she turned to regard him was enough to make him want to smack the taste out of her mouth. The feeling passed quickly though, thankfully. He wasn’t an outwardly violent person and didn’t feel like proving otherwise. But it was kind of pleasing to imagine her falling over the side of the tanker every now and then.

“There it is,” Max breathed, “the Wall.”

Reggie rolled his eyes. Just about everyone in the group had announced themselves as a fan of Game of Thrones and had been making jokes about it again and again throughout the trip. He enjoyed the show as well but trying to speak with anyone about it had met with only stony silence. Some folks couldn’t reach common ground over anything it seemed.

While the group was looking forward, marveling at an ice wall that had been around for longer than any of them could easily explain, Reggie was looking off first to the left and then the right. The proof he needed wouldn’t be found in either direction, despite the fact that open ocean lay to the east and west of them, without any sign that the wall of ice was about to curve around and begin to bracket the oceans as these people thought.

Mentioning to them this fact was useless as he’d already tried. But they were going to be holding their position here for another couple of days, so it was possible he might be able to come up with another way of convincing them.

(to be continued)

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