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Living in an era where people are actually insulted when others are maligned or somehow degraded by other members of society is certainly confusing. Consider this, the person that another person feels insulted for might never have understood they were being slighted in any way had the person that claimed to be insulted never spoke up in the first place. Is your head spinning with that logic yet?

Being insulted for another person seems like a giant waste of time, not to mention that it makes many people seem like emotional leeches that can’t mind their own business but then call their concern ‘compassion’ and ’empathy for your fellow human being’. It’s great to have compassion and empathy for others, but being insulted on their behalf is essentially admitting that you too would like a piece of the victimization pie that some folks refuse to partake of.

The act of being insulted is usually something in which a person has a personal stake in, meaning that someone, be it a group or an individual, has levied a statement or belief that directly contradicts something you happen to believe in, meaning that YOU are someone that is affected by this belief. Those that feel insulted for others when their own beliefs and ways of life aren’t being directly challenged seem to have a tendency to latch onto those they think are being maligned in some way in order to….what?….to feel their pain and share in the burden?

It’s actually funny when such people are rebuked by those they claim to feel the insult that was never meant for them. It’s even better when no insult was intended and they make themselves look the fool by claiming such.

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