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March, 2315

Portland, OR

The old men had called him a fool, stating that such word were considered heretical by nature and would never be accepted. Of course men were physically stronger, but their numbers were so few that the women had the advantage, and that was that. The men that still existed in the world were suffered out of pity and little else, and they’d lived that way for a long time now. He’d heard a dozen different excuses throughout the entirety of his life, the kind of excuses that made men seem weak, afraid, and lucky to be alive.

He no longer felt so lucky. As he’d left the peninsula it had been with a heavy heart. The truth was that they were right, his words likely wouldn’t reach the ears of any willing woman that wanted to hear them. But doubt had a way of springing up in even the most unlikely of places. Upon returning to the world he’d come from he had noticed more and more that the women he’d seen as powerful, confident, and so sure in their course were just like the men he’d met.

They were unsure. They were afraid, and they were not as happy as he’d been led to believe. Many of them had health problems from being obese, as this had, to his way of thinking, been acceptable for a very long time as women didn’t want to seem rude by shaming those that didn’t see the value of being in shape. Those that had seemed as though they were the epitome of health had just as many issues as anyone, as they were either insecure or uncertain of their place in the world. In short, women were not dominant, any more than men were in fact.

They were just as much as a mess as their male counterparts were at times, and were not as well-ordered or as well-mannered as he’d been taught. In some ways it seemed as though they were missing something, though they made up for the lack with as much stoicism as they could. It hadn’t taken him long to realize what they were missing, since it had been obvious before he’d come back.

They were missing men.

(to be concluded)

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