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Does anyone remember the days when we could wake up, go outside, and there wouldn’t by any way we could possibly offend and entire group of people just by being ourselves? Our movies were offensive in some ways but they were forgiven because they were works of fiction. Our books were the same way, poetic works of fiction and prose that might have offended some people but still weren’t thought of as reality and therefore were given a pass because they didn’t affect our lives in any profound way.

When did that change? Don’t answer that, because quite honestly unless you were there when it happened, at that exact moment, then you probably can’t anyway. You’ll have your estimation of it, which is all well and good and is your opinion that you’re entitled to, no matter how much someone might fight you on that front. Somehow our society has changed throughout the years in a way that’s less than ideal since at this point you can wake up each day and be alerted to how many people are offended by this or that before you even drink your morning coffee.

It’s not just Millennials, it’s not just Boomers, or any other generation for that matter that are guilty of this. For some reason Millennials are an easy target for many people, but believe it or not, there are many people in every generation that are level-headed and able to reason through the morass that we’ve somehow created throughout the years. No, this problem of being offended by everything in a PC culture, which is ridiculous, was created by the lot of us somehow, and it’d be great to figure out just where this twisted bundle of knots started so that we can unravel it finally.

PC culture is quite honestly a way for people that are offended to make sure that the rest of us don’t get to have our ‘toxic’ fun and find release in satire since it’s so increasingly offensive to their delicate sensibilities. From older movies to the ridiculous notion of ‘microaggressions’ we’re subjected to one idea after another that many of us are simply savages that don’t know any better and have yet to be ‘woke’ or enlightened enough to really see how we’re harming one another and society overall with our backward ways.

Seriously, folks, either go get laid or take a Valium and simply chill. What you perceive as toxic is what’s helped us get by throughout the years. While some of the more negative aspects of society are better off gone or need to be changed, admittedly, there are elements that are needed if we’re to have a balanced society. You can’t hope to cherry-pick everything you want and have an ordered, peaceful Utopia that will be beneficial for everyone.

Sorry, humanity doesn’t work that way. Freedom means taking the bad with the good.

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