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A lot of times if someone that feels superior or in any way better than another person feels the need to actually come down from their pedestal to belittle or berate another person they think to be below them when that person does something different and/or interesting in way that other people enjoy, it’s for one of two major reasons. They might deny it, either with a smile and a condescending word or laugh, or they might admit it and still act superior, but the point is this: they came down to your level.

Here are the reasons.

  1. They’re scared, intimidated, or otherwise made uneasy.

In other words, you’ve upset their precious peace of mind that comes from sitting at the top of their game for so long. This would mean that they’ve forgotten what it means to be challenged and are no longer accustomed to the feeling of having to work to be the best. People have simply rolled over and given them the accolades they want because they proved long ago that they were worth it, but have done nothing truly exceptional since.

This means you’ve disrupted their power structure, and are gaining more and more attention than they can stomach losing. You’ve done something that they never thought of and that they can’t hope to match if they want to stay on top. So they’ll come down from their ivory towers to try and knock you back into your ‘place’ so as to make sure that the ground beneath their feet doesn’t start to shift. They have to shout you down in order to feel better.

2. They can’t admit that someone else might be better than them.

Hubris is a bitch, but it’s very real. A lot of people that reach the top of their game don’t want to admit that they might have lost a step here or there, or failed to evolve in their way of thinking along the way. They hit that pinnacle of their career and if they don’t keep learning then they keep falling back on the same tricks and techniques that got them noticed in the first place.

The trick of this of course is that innovation and new ideas are the reason why anyone comes up in this world, and why those that can’t seem to stomach forward-thinking become the status quo and need to be upset every now and again. It’s not a total sweep of old-school thinking, as some of the best movies still come from the old school way of making anything work, but blending it with new ideas, new methods, and a new idea here and there is how we evolve.

If someone from the status quo feels the need to come down from their perch and berate you for your ideas, smile. That might infuriate them and even make them think you’re a threat to their position, but that’s just what’s needed. Let them know that they’re on notice, either wise up and move forward with new ideas, or the status quo will be receiving a massive wake-up call.

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