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March 5th, 2315

Portland, OR

Not long after learning the truth of humanity he’d made his way to an area where he’d been told that exiles, refugees, and the general scum of society had been known to congregate. The Long Beach Peninsula, a place that had been almost completely annexed from the mainland centuries before, had become something of a haven for the few remaining men that been born throughout generations and been reviled as a basic rule.

It was a woman’s world now, and had been for long than anyone could remember. But what he’d read in the journals he’d been given, things so ancient that the paper used in their construction had seemed ready to disintegrate at the touch, had been mind-blowing, and had finally gave rise to the sense that he was in fact being told only half-truths along with a great many lies.

Men weren’t the genetic product of a pregnancy gone wrong, they were normal. They weren’t an anomaly in the system, they were the reality of how the system couldn’t control every last little thing. It had been hard to accept at first since he knew thanks to many women throughout the world that males were carefully screened and aborted before they could be brought to term. The laws that had been put in place concerning men long ago had been instilled to preserve the human race it would seem, and the idea of creating and cloning sperm cells, which were necessary in the creation of life, had been in place for well over two thousand years now, meaning that women had effectively done away with men by a method that seemed absolutely horrible.

If the baby was going to be a boy, they simply killed it.

No one had stopped him from leaving Portland, his home, his birthplace, but no one had helped him along the way either. He’d carried enough supplies to carry him for a few days, but by the time he had reached the peninsula he’d been without food for at least a day and a half, and had been utterly exhausted. No one would sell food to him along the way, and in fact he’d had to steal and find his way out of several towns before he’d finally reached the bridge that led him to his destination.

Unfortunately, the problems hadn’t ended there.

(to be continued)

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