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It does seem like common sense has gone bye-bye these days, doesn’t it? The current generation doesn’t want to be called a bunch of dimwits and yet they’re the ones eating Tide pods and snorting condoms. Millennials don’t want to be singled out as a generation for being over-sensitive pansies yet so many of them still live at home with their parents, for reasons not related to school or work, and many of them seem to feel that they’re entitled to a life they want, not the one they have. Oh wait, no, no I’m not done. Gen Xer’s and Boomers are also in the mix, as are those of us that fall in-between, the Xennials.

We all want this idealized life that makes sense for everyone and leaves no one out in the cold. Right? We want to make sure that people are taken care of the way they need to be, for good or ill, yeah? The only thing that we seem to fail to notice (I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of this too) is that the world doesn’t really care.

We want this, we want that, we work for this, we work for that. The world doesn’t give one good damn about what we THINK we deserve, it, along with fate, or destiny, or karma, or just life in general, will dish up whatever it feels we can deal with and keep on giving it until we figure out what to do with it. The world won’t just bow down for any of us, no matter what we want or think. You want the death of common sense? It’s a species thinking that we know what it takes to fix a world that has an expiration date on it no matter what we do to it or for it. It’s thinking that fighting one another over anything and everything gets anything done.

Common sense isn’t so common any longer, but labeling it would be a futile effort since it seem to shift between people now and again. Some grasp it for all of a few seconds and then figure that they don’t need it, they’d rather erupt in a tangent that does no one any good. Others grab hold of it and then let it go since they want to simply rant and rave about the world and those in it that don’t agree with them.

It’s hard to know where common sense is going to show up these days, but recognizing it is pretty easy. It emerges when people treat people like human beings, and forget the other bs that is used to separate us. So yeah, it’s a dying thing, but it’s not dead yet.

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