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“My grandson?” the spirit repeated, “My grandson?”

“Yes grandma,” the Guardian said with a smile.

She looked almost confused, as though she was trying to sort out just who he was but at the same time couldn’t make the connection. It might have pained him had this been someone else, but he knew very well that his charge was to make sure she reached her true home, he wasn’t here to form a bond with her all over again, especially since it hadn’t been fully formed the first time around.

“My grandson, doesn’t look like you. He’s a-“

Trouble had a way of finding Guardians as he’d been told upon being inducted into the ranks, and as she continued to speak he spun about, ulaks in hand already as he quickly counted the number of opponents that had somehow appeared from nowhere, or seemingly so. There were at least six of them this time, all demons, all armed, and all looking as though they were ready to take a piece of his hide.

“No time to explain grandma, we’ve got to go.”

He didn’t bother with any more words as he turned about, picking the spirit up from the ground as he flexed his wings and was away. Two of the demons were a little quicker than the others and surged forward, screeching in denial as their weapons hit nothing but empty air, one of them overbalancing as it went crashing hard into the grass beneath.

Their roars didn’t let up as he accelerated, his wings pumping hard and his grandmother, her spirit at least, seemed resigned to the experience. He had to find the exit point, and quickly.

(to be continued)

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