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So to a flat earth society it would seem that every other celestial body in the vastness of space is drawn into a globe, but somehow, some way, there’s a force that denies this logic and keeps the earth flat as a cutting board while the rest of the planets and the sun, and our moon, make their merry way around it while we stay stationary throughout it all.

It kind of makes you wonder how many of these people suffered head injuries in the recent past.

The arguments they come up with are simply insane but yet they make sense to them in some inane way.

This is where belief can take a negative turn and become something that’s not only a backward slide into a line of thought that humanity had to climb its way out of, but it’s also an idea that seems to indicate that there’s a worldwide conspiracy in effect that is actively trying to fool every last person on the planet. In other words, those of that seek to make sense and explain to the flat earth society that they are in fact wrong and a little screwed in the head are either a part of the conspiracy or have had the wool pulled over our eyes.


It’s said you can’t argue with the truly crazy since they have no sense of up or down when it comes to just how wrong they are. But quite honestly ignoring them just allows them to grow a little stronger in their beliefs. At this point they’re more of an annoyance than anything, a band of nutcases that don’t have much ground to stand on, especially considering that their representation of the world looks more like the UN logo than anything. If we went by their map we could almost walk across the entire known world with only a few short trips by boat needed in between.

How many of us would love to see the flat earthers try such a thing only to be debunked? As a matter of fact, how many would love to see them find the edge and take the plunge? Okay, maybe not, but it’s funny to think about.

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