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Blaming the rich for being rich is perhaps one of the most inane and childish acts that’s still practiced in this nation, perhaps even in this world. The idea that anyone can get rich if they try hard enough, if they sacrifice, and they do what it takes to get rich is actually quite real. Railing against the rich simply because they get to live the good life is something that a loser does, and largely because they know only envy and self-hatred that masks itself as desire.

Desire to be rich is good, it’s ambitious, and it’s a very universal desire throughout the world. Of course we all want to be rich, we all want the good life, and we all want something that’s at least better than what we have. But shaking our fist at the rich and cursing them because they have money isn’t the way.

Of course some rich folks seem to be rather foolish and do things that are just for attention to get people to look at them and make them even richer. But if you’re smart, then you’ll ignore those rich folks and do what the smarter people in this country did in order to gain the kind of financial independence that we all want. Work for it.

That’s right, work for it. If you want money, then work for it. If you want riches, work for them. If you want to sit around on the couch and wonder why it’s not just coming to you because you want it, then shut your mouth, pick yourself up, and go work for it. In other words, riches aren’t going to come to you unless you’re willing to sacrifice for it.

Stop blaming the rich, a good number of them got to where they are because they got up off their ass and worked for it.

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