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Let’s put it simply, if you have to hide your face in order to push your political ideals, then you don’t believe that strongly in what you’re fighting for. No matter if you’re willing to die, you’ve become another one of the sheep that falls in with the others for an ideology that is, for the most part, misguided since you seek to divine a reason for your existence and belief that you are right without exception.

Get that? Without exception.

That is unfortunately where a lot of you Antifa folk (oh yes I’m speaking openly to the lot of you) go wrong. You speak about being against fascism, about being ready to do the dirt that others won’t do, and in the process you become the same kind of thugs that you’re fighting against. In other words you’re a bunch of little kids that are going to fight fire with fire since it’s all you seem to understand. At that point likening you to other zealots is much easier since, quite honestly, you’re just as bad if not worse.

Antifa is becoming synonymous with cowardice, as at this point and time your enemies, which seems to be anyone with an opinion differing from your own, are the truly brave individuals since they, like myself, will call you out and tell you to bring it on.

This is just one among many poking Antifa, saying if you’ve got the guts, back it up. Take off the masks, be truly brave and stand up for what you believe in. Otherwise, wipe your noses and slink back to your menial jobs and quit crying about injustice.

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