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It didn’t take long to find the soul he was looking for, nor did he have any trouble navigating the wide, green fields that stretched in every direction, seemingly from one horizon to another. Laurie had utilized a new system that the Old Man had seen fit to install upon the turn of the century, a program that was laid into the fabric of this place that allowed anyone to find anyone else if they felt so inclined. Of course in Limbo most people just wanted to rest, and the search for anyone else wasn’t a big priority. If they ran into one another along their endless walks then people would be likely to talk as move on, seeking that restful silence that was the reason many of them came here.

The two beings that he saw leading the one he was looking for away however were not being silent, nor did they appear to be interested in anything other than the mischief they were already about. Within the normal scope of human vision they appeared as two more human souls, nothing but a man and a woman, both of them muscular and rather tough-looking, seeking to guide another between them in a direction that seemed meaningless considering the constant horizons that spread in all directions.

In the sight afforded him as a Guardian however he saw what they really were, and his fingers were already itching to draw the weapon he’d come to favor since his inclusion into the ranks. Most Guardians carried a sword or some sort of edged weapon it seemed, but he wasn’t much of a sword or spear person, preferring to get in close and personal with those he got physical with. Thus the much shorter, curved blades called ulaks that were strapped to his back. They were a favorite weapon of his since they made every punch and swipe of his hands lethal. Plus, against an enemy that had a weapon with a reach they were highly effective at trapping and allowing him to get inside said reach and do some serious damage.

The man, bald and rather intimidating due to the bulging muscles that were pressing against his clothing, saw him coming first. He wasn’t attempting to hide his forward charge, as he knew what awaited the soul he was seeking to save if he didn’t act in time. The woman turned as she noted the man’s distraction, and it was she who reacted first, hissing at the Guardian as she drew forth, seemingly from nowhere, a hellish whip that cracked as she flung it behind her, only to send it racing forward, the shards of glass, or stone, woven into its length glinting darkly as he reacted without hesitation.

(to be continued)

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