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South Bend, WA

Sitting on one of the long, hard pews in the court room that he’d been directed to upon reaching this place Nick couldn’t help but feel just a little apprehensive today. His brother and the other ‘witnesses’ were here as well and were seated on the other side of the courtroom, well away from him thankfully and looking a little too smug for his liking. It had been three weeks now since he’d been implicated in the shooting of officer Jones and the trial today was something he couldn’t wait to be done with. He was hoping it was going to be a one and done kind of deal, but despite how many times he’d seen the inside of a court room he didn’t want to hold his breath.

The smell of the place was strong with something that reeked like Pine Sol, and the temperature in the courtroom felt just slightly too hot. It could have been his nerves getting to him, but he sincerely didn’t want to be here at that moment. Several pews ahead of him the defense attorneys, two of them, and their client sat at the large table that was meant for them, while on the other side the prosecution included two more attorneys and officer Jones. No one had even glanced in his direction so far save for his brother, and even that had been just a cursory thing.

He almost wished he’d allowed his girlfriend to come with him for this, she’d offered, but he was also glad he’d told her no. She knew why he’d said it and hadn’t taken offense, but all the same he could have used a bit of support just now.

As the judge came walking in and took the few steps to the bench however Nick knew in that moment he was going to have to man up. This was his reputation, and maybe even his freedom on the line.

(to be concluded)

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