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The feel of the gateway slipping over his body was like a wet, dirty towel being draped all over his body. He’d done this a few times before now but it was not a sensation that one got used to. Unfortunately it was one of the only ways, or at least the quickest, to get from the material plane that humans knew of and took for granted, to the various dimensions that existed beyond their realm.

He’d expected his mind to simply shut down the first time he’d seen the place he stepped into now, but instead he’d felt a deep sense of peace that had seemed to permeate the entire realm, a kind of ennui that didn’t let up no matter how long one remained in the realm. It was called Limbo for a reason, and it was as vast as it was mysterious. His handler had told him that even the Old Man didn’t visit this place often, instead sending His subordinates to pluck those souls from the place when they’d done their penance or were otherwise deemed worthy of going home.

It wasn’t so bad here really. The average temperature wasn’t too hot or too cold, but somewhere right in the middle of what many humans could withstand. The lush fields of green grass stretched for miles on end in every direction, and occasionally there were knots of people that had gathered as though to converse and just share one another’s company. In short it wasn’t heaven, but it was the next best thing.

“You lost stranger?”

Looking to the speaker he managed a smile as he took in the average beauty that stood before him. She was easy on the eyes but, as she’d admitted in their earlier meetings, was a bit too tall, too blocky in form, and a little too muscular in life for many men to find her as alluring as other women. In truth he thought she was kind of attractive, but not quite his type.

“Not this time Laurie. I’m looking for someone that’s supposedly still here and is being lured away.”

She cocked a feathered brow at him, “Lured? Most folks don’t take the time to do much more than talk around here, you know that.”

“It would seem that Old Scratch was alerted to this one and is trying to stretch the rules a bit.”

“Ah,” she said with an understanding nod, “Follow me then, let’s see if we can’t find your wayward soul.”

(to be continued)

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