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Long Beach, WA

This wasn’t the kind of news you called to talk to your mom about, especially when the person you were going after was her mother, and especially when her mother had passed on only days ago. The trip up was generally smooth and uneventful for most souls as he’d learned, but the trip downward was like your typical express elevator, it didn’t have a lot of stops and it would only go in one direction.

To think of how his grandmother had been fooled so easily wasn’t hard, as she’d been a smart enough woman in life but had still been just gullible enough at times to believe things that she had little to no knowledge of. He could recall that once she’d nearly been fooled by someone that said that they were a door to door antibiotics salesman. Since she’d been such a hypochondriac in life the guy had nearly cleaned her out as she’d tried to buy up half the stock he had on him.

Thankfully he and his mother had shown up at that time, just before the guy had accepted the check she’d decided to write. His mother had stood aside as he’d gone sailing after the guy down the long hallway that had ended in a doorway leading to the main parking lot of her apartment complex. He could still recall his grandmother telling him to be mindful and not spill the pills that she hadn’t received yet.

The pills had been nothing but low-grade Ibuprofen placed in empty pill bottles like those issued by pharmacists. Thankfully the guy hadn’t been too strong and he’d managed to hold the scam artist until the cops arrived. His mom had been quick on the dial on that one, but as he’d learned later on it had been his quick thinking to stop the guy from rabbiting that had saved a lot of people, as he’d been going up and down the complex selling to those that were convinced he was a legitimate salesperson.

The road his to his role as Guardian had started there apparently.

(to be continued)

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