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Long Beach, WA

His back itched abominably, but he was still getting used to the feel and the idea of being a guardian. The fact that no one around him knew what was back there, and in fact only a few out of a million could even see what was there, was kind of comforting. Otherwise people would likely run screaming or look at him as an oddity to be studied. But it was the role he’d taken a short while ago when it had been asked of him.

One would think that having wings, whether they could be seen or not, would prohibit someone from doing a lot of things, but it would seem that unless they were truly need his wings would remain unseen and completely intangible. That was a perk no doubt, but the itching was horrible. The fact that it had happened at all was still hard to accept, he’d never heard of humans actually ascending to the role of angels, or guardians, or whatever he was at this moment.

Seated as he was at one of the few round tables outside Bob’s Chowder and Burgers, a little-known eatery that he’d enjoyed for many years, he felt a sudden tingling on the back of his neck that was confusing only for a moment. Remembering just what that meant he turned about, rolling his eyes as he saw the woman that had foisted this upon him, her platinum-blonde locks bound up in the same bundle of braids that were in turn bound up by an ornate silver band that had several strange runes inscribed upon it that he felt somehow compelled by despite his lack of understanding.

She was quite beautiful, ageless in a way, but also a bit forceful as her aura would suggest. As far as he’d seen she was rather nice, but she did in fact have a dark side, as she’d admitted to. Now, as she took a seat on the other side of the table he could see that she wasn’t exactly pleased by the gaze she gave him. He couldn’t imagine what he’d done in so short a time, but he wasn’t about to offer up his neck for the proverbial chopping block.

“We have a problem that I need you to solve,” she said in her maddeningly calm voice.

(to be continued)

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