“In order for laws to work they must apply to everyone, or they can apply to no one.”


Celebrities do hard time, it’s been seen in the past. But thanks to their influence, their money, and the fact that a lot of them have ‘promising careers they don’t want to tarnish’ these days it seems than apology and house arrest, community service, or something equally as mundane seems to be the going punishment. Is that fair? Is it just? Does anyone still care at this point or are we all getting to the point that we simply accept that celebrities can get away with just about anything so long as they’re currently popular?

It’d be sad to say yes to most of those questions since it means that we hold celebrities to standards that are much less than what we as citizens are held. Those that we look up to, idolize, and even see as heroes in a way, are also those that can tend to get away with such things as DUI, assault and battery, drug possession, and a host of other crimes without doing much more than paying the court clerk and promising to never do it again. Meanwhile, those that are a part of the public are finding themselves jailed for traffic-related offenses that some celebrities might just walk away from.


Why in the world would we hold another human being, no matter if they’re a celebrity, to a different standard? Aren’t they just as human as we are? Aren’t they bound by US law and able to be prosecuted like anyone else? Don’t they accept what this country has to give while they’re exercising their many liberties? Yeah? Well then they can pay for their mistakes as well by imposing fines instead of allowing them an easy bail amount that will have them back where they want to be while having learned nothing except how to once again grease the wheels.

Celebrities are human beings that are just as subject to the laws as anyone, maybe it’s time for a reminder, though it’s hard to see why it’s necessary.

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