The current issue with Jussie Smollett almost seems like a slam dunk to some people while others are holding on to the hope that his professed innocence is real. Unfortunately for Smollett there seems to be a lot of glaring inaccuracies that are working against him at this time, such as the idea that he felt the need to stage this fake hate crime as a means of gaining attention for the fact that he was having a salary dispute with the show, Empire.

Whether that’s true or not, the collusion, it would seem that some people are beginning to ride the fence and some are beginning to sway towards the idea that he is in fact guilty, hands down and no doubts about it. If he is then there’s a real choice to be made by those in our legal system, and it has to do with the fact that celebrities tend to receive very lenient sentences for the things they do, and that it’s in no way equal to the rest of society.

Doubt that and dispute it all you want, and then check out the list of crimes that celebrities have been accused of and even convicted of before being allowed to plead to lesser crimes and being given lesser sentences that include almost no jail time and no real consequences for their actions. If Smollett is handled the same, should he be found guilty, then it will be another step towards the proof that we do live in an equal society where the color of your skin and/or your sexual preferences are no longer a determining factor. It will affirm that money and influence are the real dividers within a society, much as it has been for a much longer time.

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