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Is anyone else frustrated at the effort that Hollywood has been putting into remaking and rebooting so many different movies from the past decades lately? Every time we see another trailer we think it might be something new, exciting, and most of all, NEW. There are those movies that come out of course, and some of them are smash hits, but then there are those that all but destroy your favorites from the past and for what, a chance that the new one might create a legacy all of its own.

So far a lot of that legacy has been tainted by the fact that, well, a lot of the reboots are horrible. The one featured above, Total Recall, wasn’t horrible, but it did have a lot of the same elements that made it seem like the distant cousin of the original. The effects were more advanced of course, and the story was different enough to be its own creature, but it was still a remake that a lot of people groaned at.

Does Hollywood not realize how many stories are out there just waiting to be plucked? All those tomes, all those stories that have been sitting around for who knows how long, just waiting for someone to come along and see some possibility, some potential to be made into a hit film. But no, that would be work remember, and right now they seem to want whatever’s available, hot off the press, and ready to go. But wait, how many are they leaving behind to make the reboots and remakes? See how frustrating it is?

At this point a reboot or a remake seems like the easy way, relatively-speaking. Making a movie isn’t an easy process after all, but selecting which story to use for an epic is something you’d think that teams of writers would be used for in order to find something that hasn’t been done and done again in only slight variations of the same thing throughout the years. Sometimes it’s necessary to break the patterns and go by something else, just to shock the audience and make them realize that the happy ending isn’t always going to be possible, that the words “to be continued” aren’t going to follow a sad and tragic ending.

There are movies like this of course, but how many are being left behind to molder on the shelves while the old stories get done and redone again and again?

Take a look at the shelves folks, there are untold numbers of tales just waiting for someone to say “Let’s do something different.”

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