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Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to pay the price to get there. Some claim they’re ready, that their soul is prepared, and that they’ve made good with their maker. Some claim they’ll square up when they get to the gates. Others don’t worry about the tally until that time comes, then they decide to unload it all at once when the final hour approaches. The one thing that everyone has in common is that they’ll all be taking the same road to get there.

If you think you get to avoid hell by being a good person you’re mistaken. There are untold hells that aren’t just soul-scorching flames, demons, chains of ice, or untold levels of torment. The legendary hell we speak of so often isn’t the place that anyone need fear. It’s the hell we see in this life that many people have come to realize is the worst of the lot, and the only hell that really matters.

We create our own hell, and it’s so much worse than anything any devil or demon could conjure up. People are more than adept at creating a hellish nightmare of their life that seems inescapable and leads to nowhere good. It’s been seen that some folks sink into this mire without thought and without regard for anyone, least of all themselves. No horned being or demigod that can flay the skin from your bones is nearly as terrifying as being stuck within the miasma of your own mind as you sink deeper and deeper into depression that consumes your ever waking thought. The soul-burning flames of the hell we speak of so frequently are nothing compared to the waves of doubt and self-despair that eat at person’s soul like locusts upon a wheat field.

The cries of despair that go unheard by those that don’t understand how to rely upon others are infinite, as so many have succumbed to the hell they create. There is no hell like that created by the mind of a human being.

The struggle back to the light is real, and the attempt to reach a vantage from which to see the heavenly peaks once again is possible. But for many that trip through self-doubt, despair, hopelessness, and unending tides of guilt, is something that will never happen, as they’re simply too bogged down in their own deceit and feelings of worthlessness to seek the light.

There are those that will help them, angels in human form, guardians that offer hard but possible pathways back to the light. It might even surprise you that a few demons along the way will offer guidance and a firm hand in what not to do, and how not to lapse back into the mire that has claimed so many.

If you want to get to heaven, you’ll have to go through a bit of hell first.

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