Seriously anti-vaxxers, stop fussing with your reasons why you won’t take the simple option of protecting your children and possibly yourselves and look at history. Paranoia is allowed to creep in far too readily when it’s spread by those that are lulled by the words of a man who was discredited and turned out of the medical field for falsifying information and fooling those that trusted him.

Human beings have been on this earth for countless generations now and we’ve earned our place in this world by dint of the uncounted number of people that have died from diseases that are now able to be prevented or even eliminated from our daily lives. There was a time when the common cold could incapacitate or even kill a person since the human body hadn’t had to deal with it before, or when a mosquito bite could kill because of the many different strains they can carry.

We’ve survived because of the untold numbers that had to suffer throughout ages and perish. Our bodies have gradually become used to the many different toxins and poisons that are so prevalent in the world we call home, and to this day there are a thousand ways to die just stepping outside your home, but death by infectious disease that could be prevented is not acceptable any longer.

How many people have dropped dead after being vaccinated? How many have turned autistic? The startling realization that so few adverse effects have been noted should be more than enough to tell any of you that the vaccines that are necessary to stave off certain disease are not the killers or the damaging toxins they’re made out to be. Humanity has earned the right to live in this world, but despite it all, the efforts of those that think that they can continue to live without the aid of modern science, a huge step in our evolution, is kind of laughable.

This world is out to kill you in any way it can no matter how bleak that sounds, but thanks to modern science there’s one less way it can do that.

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