A lot, A LOT, of people might disagree with this, since the whole idea of countries going to war usually means a surge in business and productivity for the countries that are bound to enter the fray against or with one another. But the unfortunate downfall of this is that once the war is over, the recession that is to follow is usually something that, as the US has found, is anything amenable to a working society.

Plus, in this day age when war seems imminent to so many and the threats seem plentiful, there is one color that seems able to extinguish all hostilities the moment it’s presented: green.

Yes, that’s right. Money is a humongous factor when it comes to war and it’s not just the expenditure of so many dollars towards armament, troops, and other necessities that are needed in war. The loss of money has just as tremendous of an impact on a country, perhaps even more so, than the spending every could. In spending money an economy can at least be stimulated and encouraged to run as it should or as it needs to. In the even of war, entire economies can collapse as nations crumble, and in the even of nuclear war the idea that the economy could survive is a far-flung dream that pales next to the survival of the people that make it possible.

Short and simple: World War III won’t happen since the stakes have been raised and it’s no longer as profitable.

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