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There’s nothing wrong with Christianity as an ideal, as a religion, or even as a lifestyle. It’s simply the fact that too many people use it as a personal shield to justify their words and actions while gladly condemning those of others. The hypocrisy of modern-day Christianity is that so many people that state their belief and worship of the lord God and claim to be good, honest Christians are still those that will speak ill of others, that will deny others their given rights, and will gladly do unto others what they would not have done unto them.

So it’s very accurate and very telling where I would gladly place myself when it comes time to hand out labels. I am a sinner who has faith, but I am an honest sinner who knows that not everything coming out of my mouth will be kind, that not all of my thoughts will be about the betterment of humanity, and that will not go out of my way to make someone’s day better unless I happen to feel the need.

This is the running hypocrisy of Christianity, that those who know the good book will quote out of it time and time again, picking out the most inspirational passages to give meaning to a life that is not as kind as people would have it, but is still the world we live in and must deal with on a continual basis. They seek to make themselves and the rest of their religion look like saints while spouting verses that makes Christianity look absolutely benevolent and without fault.

Look to the history books instead of the bible. It is a story, and a grand story written by the hands of many and subject to interpretation by even more. If one wants a true accounting of Christianity then the history books are where to go. The religion is not wholly evil, but if it ever claims to be wholly good then there’s a debate waiting to be had.

As I said, with a sigh, I’d rather be a sinner with a clear conscience than someone in need of a religion to hide behind.

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